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Moshlo - violinist

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I devote my time to music making - from classical music to Tango,  Klezmer, Eastern European and free impovisation. My Polish Jewish background has provided me with a natural affinity for this style of music, enabling me to communicate the depth, passion and scope of feelings which are at the heart of Tango and Klezmer.


I and my wife Carla, founded Tango Paradiso, a quintet devoted to performing authentic tangos. I formed  Doyna Tangoyna, a duo with George Valenti and then Marko Deferri on piano accordion. I have made several recordings of Tango and East European music.


I was born in Poland, then transplanted as a child, to Melbourne when my parents emigrated to Australia. I was given a small violin at 6 years of age and thus began my passionate long term relationship with music. I studied in Melbourne and then continued my music studies at the Paris Conservatoire. 


On returning to Australia I became an Architect, teaching at Sydney University, however I always continued my deep involvement with music at the same time. I was briefly a member of the Australian Chamber Orchestra as well as other chamber ensembles. When I retired from Architecture, I returned to music as my consuming inspiration. Since then I have been performing extensively in Australia, as well as Buenos Aires and Europe.

© 2013 by Carla Thackrah. Photos by Chris Osbourne and Steve Swayne

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