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Moshlo - violin

Doina Violin

Slow, free, melancholic, this music traverses the gamut of emotions. With Paul Hankinson, piano.

Doyna Tangoyna

A melange of tango and klezmer to make the feet dance. With Marko Deferri, button accordion.

Slow, free, melancholic 'Doina 2'. With Paul Hankinson, piano. Film by Carla Thackrah and Carola. Shot in Berlin in 2012.

Tango Paradiso

Contemporary interpretations of classic tangos from the Golden Age. With Roly Adeney, Carla Thackrah, Andrew Shaw and John & Marina Varney

Tango Paradiso Argentino

More contemporary interpretations of classic tangos Recorded in Buenos Aires. With Carla Thackrah, Facundo Bericat, Sergio Rivas, Xavier Sanchez

With Marko Deferri at Woodford Folk Festival.

Earthgods The Yoga of Sound

Minimalist and melifluous improvised music for flute and violin. With Carla Thackrah, flute

The Great Klezmer Duel

Rollicking and plaintive klezmer. With George Valenti on accordion.

The Captain & His Daughter with Baix Emporda

Moshlo joins Baix Emporda to play authentic Habaneras from from Catalonia

With Tango Paradiso at Bellingen Global Festival in 2004. Performing 'Chique'

'Bitter Sweet Buenos Aires'. Short film by Carla Thackrah about Tango Paradiso's adventures in Buenos Aires. Including the recording of their 2nd CD

Tango Paradiso perform 'Guardia Nueva' at Woodford Folk Festival, 2011. With Carla Thackrah, Andrew Shaw, Eugenie Shaw, Marko Deferri.

© 2013 by Carla Thackrah. Photos by Chris Osbourne and Steve Swayne

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