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Doina 1

Galicia Tanz

Doina Violin

Moshlo, violin; Paul Hankinson, piano

During 2012 I began a search to discover the roots of the Doina and make a transcription for violin. I decided to go to Israel first in the hope of tracking down musicologists or musicians who could provide me with insights into its origins and variations.


By chance, while attending a social tango dance (milonga) in Tel Aviv, I was given my first leads by Mendy. This led me to discover recorded examples of the Doina for voice and various instruments, as well as sheet music. I finally had what I'd been searching for!! I began preparing for my own recording.


The recording was made in Berlin with my friend Paul Hankinson, a brilliant pianist who lives there. Over an intense period of 2 months, we succeeded in recording the album MOSHLO - Doina Violin, in the bullet marked Dungeon Studio, Berlin.

'Doina 2' from Moshlo: Doina Violin. Film by Carla Thackrah and Carola. Filmed in The Dungeon Studio, Berlin, 2012

© 2013 by Carla Thackrah. Photos by Chris Osbourne and Steve Swayne

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